MAMA Center for Reproductive Medicine

We’ve been helping couples with infertility problems since 1999. MAMA Clinic combines broad experience in IVF with cutting edge scientific research and individual approach to each patient. The highest pregnancy rate, shown by MAMA Clinic over the years, is the result of applying progressive Assisted Reproductive Techniques  (such as In Vitro Fertilization and Intrauterine Insemination) performed with high professional standards. 

MAMA Clinic offers full range of IVF cycle procedures, which means our patients can have every test run and every procedure performed in one place, from standard set of initial survey to the final protocol. 

MAMA Clinic holds European Standard Certificate and operates under Russian Federation regulations.

7 steps on your way to the dream of childbirth

Finding the right clinic
Making final choice
Scheduling appointment
Introductory session
Preparing for pregnancy
Fertility therapy

Finding the right clinic

Once you have decided to proceed with an IVF program, your very first decision to make would be where to go for it. There are over 100 IVF centers and clinics in Russia, and 40 in Moscow alone, and it could become a confusing task itself not to get lost in the multiple options on the market. There are a few reasonable tips that might help you not to. These criteria are meant to narrow your choices to the two-three professionals that would meet major requirements for a qualified IVF center and some individual requests you might have such as location, pricing, etc.


Victoria Zaletova

Chief Physician, fertility specialist at MAMA Clinic since the opening in 1999. It was under Dr. Zaletova's supervision that the first successful conception via IVF with embкyo transfer verification (via ultra-rapid freezing and unfreezing) and consequent child-birth was performed in Russia in 2000. Member of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

Making final choice

Once you have applied the experience, pregnancy rate, scientific accomplishment and other criteria, you will most likely be able to narrow your choice down to a short list of two or three professionals. I is then recommended to leave the final decision till after the first visit and doctors’ appointment. When it comes to fertility treatment, psychological factor plays a great role. It is therefore essential to find a doctor you can not only trust as a professional, but who would also be easy to talk to and be around. To summon up, it is best to make your choice of IVF clinic based on two sides: professional accomplishment and your individual comfort. You will find along the way, that the latter, as subjective as it may seem, matters no less than the first to the success of conceiving and carrying your own child.

Natalia Samoylova

Obstetrician-Gynecologist ver 10 years of experience in prenatal gynecology. Practices Assisted Reproductive Technologies treatments since 2006. MAMA Clinic specialist since 2012.

Scheduling appointment

specialists to your convenience with:

Phone +7 495 921-34-26

Filling out online request form 

Requesting a return call from MAMA Clinic 



Dr. Samoilova Natalia

Graduated with Honors from Voronezh Medical Academy. Completed internship program at Saint-Petersburg State Medical University, majoring in ultrasound and gynecological endocrinology. Over 10 years of experience in prenatal gynecology. Practices Assisted Reproductive Technologies treatments since 2006. MAMA Clinic specialist since 2012.

Introductory session

During your first meeting with your fertility treatment specialist, the doctor will study your medical history and recommend a list of additional tests and research in order to determine your problem and estimate your chance of conceiving a child with IVF and/or create your individual ART treatment plan.

Dr. Maria Malysheva

Member of Russian Association of Human Reproduction (RAHR) and European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

Preparing for pregnancy

Once the doctor has determined your fertility diagnoses and created your individual treatment program, it is essential to follow every aspect of your preparing for the cycle. Whether your treatment plan is conservative therapy (non-operative) meant to help you conceive the natural way, or one of the IVF methods (Assisted Reproductive Technology, intrauterine insemination), your treatment will be a unique combination of components, where each and everyone of them plays a certain role and should not be underestimated.

Dr. Kartavenko Tatiana

Embryologist at MAMA Clinic. Ph.D. in Biology. Graduate of Moscow State University, Department of Biology, majoring in cytology and cellular biology. Research officer at Palermo University, Italy in 2002-2005 as part of educatiobal exchange program with MSU. Member of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

Fertility therapy

Undergoing your fertility treatment at MAMA Clinic will guarantee the following:
  • Your fertility treatment plan is individual and unique; 
  • Every specialist at the clinic is a highly qualified professional with years of experience in IVF; 
  • Each component of your fertility treatment is in accordance with international quality standards and latest technology and innovation; 
  • Your fertility clinic is one with the highest effectiveness (pregnancy rate).

Dr. Zakharova Elena

Chief Embryologist at MAMA Clinic. Ph.D. in Biology. Graduated with Honors from embryology department at Moscow State Universilty Faculty of Biology. Practical experience with embryo since 1998. Actively practices all modern techniques in ART and embryology. Co-author of two patented technologies.


At MAMA Clinic we have assisted in conceiving 5100 children and thus walked along the way to healthy pregnancy after fertility problems with over 4500 happy parents. It is our job to be there for our patients during the whole process – from decision making to the happy end of parenting.

Sukhacheva Tatiana

Fertility Specialist, Chief of Reproduction Department at MAMA Clinic. Russian State Medical University Graduate and Intern. Experience in maternity and ultrasound. Member of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

Success stories

Saying hello from Germany Good day, Victoria Zaletova!

We are saying hello to you from Germany, Dusseldorf, from Max and Christy, mother Alina and father Edward. Kids will already start going to school. They have grown up a lot of course, but a competition “for everything” still continues.
Moreover, the characters of our tiny scorpions are not that easy, so our grandparents are having quite enough from them.

Just saw a website of your clinic and I see it got much better and you grow bigger as well. It is so nice that now a lot more parents will be as lucky as we were.
I decided to tell you about few puns that our kids did, which I usually always write down:
For example: Christy is looking how Max is peeing and asks him “Why you are peeing while being up on your feet? So strange!” - And Max immediately responds – “that’s simple! You are peeing with your butt while I am doing it with my stick”. Excuse me for a direct quote. Then another one: “My tongue has been burned up completely mom!!!” – yelling and laughing at the same time.
So to say, you will never be bored with them. I am sending you few photos as well. If you will have some spare time, then write back. We will patiently wait.
Wishing you luck, good health and all the best you can get.

17 August
Next year I wish to have one more baby! God will decide whom to give! Tatiana and her daughter came to MAMA Clinic in order to visit their doctor.
Tatiana knew that the IVF was her only chance to give a birth. The tough and long way has been awaiting for her in order to born her daughter. And right now she wants one more baby already.
Choosing a clinic
My first try in IVF I have made in Croatia and it was unsuccessful. In Russia I have opened a google tab and chose to try MAMA Clinic. In the beginning and mid 2000’s there was not that much information about IVF and centres where it would be possible to make it were also not as many. I have made few consultations and finally booked a visit for myself there.
About your doctor
The best gynaecologists I have ever faced with were males. That’s why it was important for that in MAMA Clinic my doctor was a man and I am sincerely grateful to him. He was supporting me all the time. It was very nice from him since I finally got pregnant only from 6th try. First pregnancy I needed to abort at 21st week, unfortunately. It was incredibly tough for me of course. There is nothing else to say about it…
17 August

Technology and Innovation

Treatment options at MAMA Clinic include only the most progressive and highly effective methods of IVF, recognized by fertility therapists over the world. Some of these techniques were invented by our specialists and are performed exclusively in MAMA Clinic. We are proud to present ourselves as the «expert class» in IVF treatment.

Contact options for MAMA Clinic

Please call us at 007 495 9213426 to schedule your first appointment, or ask a question regarding MAMA Clinic treatment programs and services. You are also welcome to use one of the contact options below to your convenience:


What is the cost of IVF? There is no one single answer on how much does IVF costs. Simply because of a fact that a lot depends on the diagnosis itself. That is why it is sometimes so much surprising, when some clinics are giving quite particular numbers. It remarkably important to take into account that during the treatment there could have been revealed quite specific problems, because of which the cost will rise. Out of which modern reproduction technologies the actual treatment of infertility is combined? Thyroid gland pathology. Natural foetation and infertility treatment IVF. When you will manage to plan a pregnancy, the gynaecologist is going to check how your thyroid is working. Moreover, in order for IVF program to done and to carry your own child it is highly recommended to have a check at fertility specialist that will direct you for a first stage research. Risks in case with natural foetation and IVF treatment Before planning on a pregnancy or a treatment with IVF method, it is highly compulsory to exclude any disorders connected with carbohydrate exchange in your organism including diabetes, which is a remarkably serious diagnosis. But it is quite simple to recognise it at very early stages. Usually a person notices a sore mouth, thirst, elevated number of micturition, weakness, but he doesn’t go to a specialist saying that it is chronic tiredness and starts to intake tonus drugs. If a person in this case goes to a doctor, then his path to endocrinologist can be really long: he might come through a therapist, gastroenterologist, neurologist and even surgeon etc. Meanwhile the actual disorder will develop and can lead to a serious complications.


MAMA Clinic participates in the huge project «Clinic of the year 2016»!

MAMA Clinic takes part in the project of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" - "Clinic of the year 2016"! The purpose of this project is, according to the organizers, to assist you in navigating and choosing the health care institutions: "Straight for 5 months, listeners of our radio and readers of our newspapers "Komsomolskaya Pravda" will be able to choose the medical institutions, which (they believe) are worthy to wear the title of "Clinic of the Year" in the Moscow region." The winners will be named by a direct voting system.

Scientific report of MAMA Clinic has been accepted as a part of a program at Baltimor’s international conference Specialist of MAMA Clinic will take part at the work of a biggest international forum in reproductive medicine area – ASRM. Scientific report, which has been included into a conference program, is analysing the newest experience of MAMA Clinic. This experience is referred to an androgen priming technique usage. Results of the research named “Efficiency of a treatment using testosterone containing drugs while going through IVF program for a woman with a poor response of the ovaries” will be presented at 20th of October as a part of “Female reproductive endocrinology”. MAMA Clinic took part at The Fertility Show exhibition in London Every year British charity organisation Infertility Network UK invites leading clinics in fertility area from all around the world. This exhibition is made for people who have faced with such problem as infertility and there they can come and ask questions they are interested about and get professional recommendations with answers. The only clinic that is being invited 3rd year in the row from Russia is MAMA Clinic. How did this exhibition go and why our clinic is being especially appreciated by British professionals?

Свяжитесь с клиникой «Мама» любым удобным для вас способом

Средняя частота ингибиторы здесь наступления беременности методом ЭКО в российских клиниках на перенос в 2009 году составила Hello 37.5%. В клинике МАМА частота наступления беременности ЭКО выше, чем средняя величина по России в 2010 году — 48.7%

Врачи Клиники МАМА отвечают на вопросы по лечению бесплодия, консультируют по поводу предварительного обследования перед ЭКО — экстракорпоральное оплодотворение (ЭКО), искусственной инсеминации, ЭКО ИКСИ, преимплантационной генетической диагностике, мужскому бесплодию. течения, медицинский контроль.

Беспокоит Вас бывшая пациентка Ольга (апрель-май 2010 года). Наша первая попытка ЭКО была положительной и у нас в декабре 2010 года родился сын Александр. Беспокоит Вас бывшая пациентка Ольга (апрель-май 2010 года). Наша первая попытка ЭКО была положительной и у нас в декабре 2010 года родился сын Александр.

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