Patients’ accommodation

We have a set of services for the patients coming to Moscow from other locations especially for MAMA Clinic fertility treatment program.

Step 1 — contact your fertility specialist’s personal assistant

Get in touch with the PA who will be helping you with accommodation arrangements and maintaining your distant connection with fertility specialist when necessary. Call us at 007 495 921 3426 or send your request via e-mail: Once you have, your assistant will be assigned to respond to your questions and inquiries regarding your treatment plan, as well as accommodation in Moscow.

Step 2 — get ready for your treatment properly

Once you have distantly discussed your medical history and situation with your fertility specialist, your PA will inform you on what tests and surveys you might want to have done in advance at your current location before travelling to Moscow. This is meant to help you reduce time and spending necessary for your fertility treatment. The results of these tests should then be sent to the doctor before your arrival (via e-mail), this way both you and your therapist will have more information to rely on when creating your individual treatment plan by the time you arrive, and your IVF program will practically begin before you have arrived. You should also bring the following documents with you:

  • passport
  • marriage certificate (if applicable)

Step 3 — Initial Consultation

When all the preliminary information has been collected and analyzed, the fertility therapist will suggest to schedule your first appointment. Based on this first meeting and information gathered the doctor will start composing your individual fertility treatment plan.

The date of this Initial consultation is to be set according to your menstrual cycle period, based of the following calculation: IVF program should be launched on the 1st, 2nd or 3d day of the period, and the treatment normally takes 16 to 18 days. Therefore, you need to arrive at MAMA Clinic several days before you cycle begins.

It is important to note that the future mother is to stay in Moscow during the whole process of treatment, while the father needs to be present for two days (the doctor will specify those dates during your Initial consultation). In case of make fertility prevailing in the couple, the number of those days may be increased upon fertility therapist’s request.

Step 4 — registration in Moscow and accommodation

According to city regulations, anyone arriving at Moscow to stay for more than 2 days needs to be officially «registered». At MAMA Clinic we will provide a proper document for our patients, stating the reasons for you stay and registration.

We are also ready to assist you in seeking accommodation, that would meet your travel needs and financial plan. Upon your request, your MAMA Clinic PA will also book your accommodation for you and pass any requests on to the hotel administration. All you have to do is arrive!

Practical advice

Before you leave home, make sure you have packed:

  • passport
  • the PA’s phone number
  • test results collected
  • your previous medical history resume
  • your local fertility specialist’s inference

For our patients’ convenience, we are conducting a partnership program with «Molodezhnaya» Hotel

Our administrators will book accommodation at «Molodezhnaya» at your request and at special rates set for MAMA Clinic patients. The hotel complex «Molodezhnaya» is located in the northern part of Moscow, at Dmitrovskoe highway. The nearest subway station is only 800 meters away (Temeryazevskaya). Approximate travel time from the hotel to MAMA Clinic is 20 minutes by car and 50 via public transportation.

«Molodezhnaya» is a modern hotel complex with universal modern infrastructure. All rooms are equipped with two single beds or one double bed (160×200), TV set, phone and a refrigerator. The bathroom has a shower booth, hairdryer and hygiene appliances. Breakfast is included in your rate:

  • single 1620 rub/day
  • double 2380 rub/day
  • double junior suite 4000 rub/day (if staying over 6 days)
  • double VIP top floor SKY suite 4100 (if staying over 6 days)
  • double LUXURY suite 5000 (if staying over 6 days)

Book your room at «Molodezhnaya» with our administrators when calling to schedule your Initial consultation: 007 495 921 3426

Travel time on public transport from the resort to clinic «Mama» — 1:00
By car from the resort to our clinic can be reached in 20-30 minutes

Ekaterina Tarachkova