SSSAC — Single Spermatozoa Storage in Artificial Cryospheres

SSSAC is the method for preserving sperm obtained in cases of severe male infertility conditions. In SSSAC, single sperm cells are cryopreserved in specifically modified cryospheres. In order to exclude the possibility of loss of single spermatozoids, each of them is separated into an individual container, thus simplifying the process of further manipulating, including applying cryoprotector, thawing and extraction of cells for further ICSI process.

Another important aspect of SSAC technique benefits is the fact that it takes certain amount of the pressure off the patient, who, owing to this method, is relieved of the pressure of having to deliver perspective sperm cells on a certain day only and of the risk to fail the scheduled procedure by inability to present valid cells. It also helps exclude the necessity of a repeated traumatic surgical intervention.

During the years of scientific research and clinical practice of SSSAC at MAMA Clinic, our specialists have developed the artificial micro-containers for sperm preservation called cryospheres. They are designed to replicate the female eggshell. This technique has been officially patented (link to the patent) and is applied exclusively at MAMA Clinic. The results of the scientific research which preceded this innovation were presented and highly acknowledged at professional international meetings such as:

• The 22nd Annual Meeting of the ESHRE, Prague (Czech republic) 2006 (see publication).

• XVI International Conference «Reproductive technologies today and tomorrow», Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 2006 (see publication).

The detailed description can be found in ‘Reproductive Problems” Magazine, 2005, vol. # 6, pages 43 through 47.

Julia Zaikova