On June 7th, 2011 the first case of a healthy child conceived via IVF with oocyte vitrification born in Russia was registered. This program was carried out by MAMA Clinic specialists. The process of treatment was described in detail in a subsequent publication for “Reproductive Problems” Magazine (2011 issue # 6 and 2012 issue # 1). The corresponding scientific report was presented at the 15th International Conference of “Reproductive Technologies today and tomorrow” in Saint Petersburg (2011) as well as ESHRE-2013 Annual Meeting in London.

Vitrification (literally «transformation into glass») in the context of reproductive techniques is the process whereby the solution containing the oocyte or embryo is cooled rapidly enough to prevent the water molecules from forming ice vrystals and therefore it instanteniously solifieds into a structure similar to glass. Rigorous studies have shown that a significantly greater percentage of cells survive thawing following vitrification compared to slow freezing.

At MAMA Clinic, we have developed an alternative method based on vitrification principle called Multi-Protector Oocyte Vitrification (MPV-System). The method, introduced and brought into clinical practice in 2010, is a modification on that introduced by doctor Magosaburo Kasai and his research group and widely acknowledged by reproductive therapists worldwide. The essence of the modification introduced by MAMA Clinic consisted of increasing the multi-protector solution volume and the multistage oocyte exposure to cryoprotectants. These modifications have helped us gain additional multi-protector effect and therefore moderate somewhat the process of cryopreservation affect on oocyte structures.

As the result of MPV-System implementation in late 2010 MAMA Clinic was able to open one of the pioneer oocyte donor cryobanks in Russian Federation.

Julia Zaikova