Risks in case with natural foetation and IVF treatment

Before planning on a pregnancy or a treatment with IVF method, it is highly compulsory to exclude any disorders connected with carbohydrate exchange in your organism including diabetes, which is a remarkably serious diagnosis. But it is quite simple to recognise it at very early stages. Usually a person notices a sore mouth, thirst, elevated number of micturition, weakness, but he doesn’t go to a specialist saying that it is chronic tiredness and starts to intake tonus drugs. If a person in this case goes to a doctor, then his path to endocrinologist can be really long: he might come through a therapist, gastroenterologist, neurologist and even surgeon etc. Meanwhile the actual disorder will develop and can lead to a serious complications.

How to suspect a diabetes.

Symptoms you might suspect that could be a sign of a diabetes look like that:
  • you always want to drink and you drink more than 2-3 litres of water every day;
  • you unexpectedly and fast lost weight;
  • you always want to sleep and the amount of hours you are sleeping increases;
One separate risk factor of diabetes appearance is an excessive deposition of adipose tissue (fat) in a waist region. Maximum circle for people of Caucasian race:
  • Men – 94 cm
  • Women – 80 cm

If pregnancy doesn’t occur throughout over 1 year of regular sex life of a couple, it is recommended to have a check-up for infertility problem. If you noticed symptoms of diabetes, then book immediately a visit to our fertility specialist, andrologist and endocrinologist. For more than 17 years MAMA Clinic is a place specialising on helping couples with the diabetes problem by IVF program. 

What is included?

Early stage of diabetes mellitus quite often processes without showing any external or noticeable symptoms. However, in such cases it is still possible to find it during directed research. Our specialists in andrology, endocrinology, fertility and ultrasound diagnostics that came to our clinic from the Endocrinology Scientific Centre. Their high level of experience and coalification allows them to see the diabetes presence clearly after a special research. When a patient comes to MAMA Clinic in order to check yourself on having or not a diabetes, he will have a professional diagnostics including blood test analysis, urine and also go through ultrasound (lasts 40-60 minutes) in order to check for endocrine pathology.

If you have already a diabetes diagnosis for a long time, but you are planning on going for IVF pregnancy program, then our doctors will help you to correct an insulin dosage, to change from one insulin kind to another and help to choose the most effective and safest drugs available in drug stores.

When having a visit to endocrinologist, you can also check pregnancy risks for circulatory system complications. In MAMA Clinic you will get an ultrasound diagnostic for your arteries and veins of head, neck, and legs. Doctor will evaluate risks for having a thrombosis in lower limbs veins and will construct a correct therapy in order to lower possibilities of complications characterized by diabetes disorder.

This is a very important step of a woman’s organism for the motherhood and man’s – for fatherhood.

Make a first step — book a visit!

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