Thyroid gland pathology. Natural foetation and infertility treatment IVF.

When you will manage to plan a pregnancy, the gynaecologist is going to check how your thyroid is working. Moreover, in order for IVF program to done and to carry your own child it is highly recommended to have a check at fertility specialist that will direct you for a first stage research.


Thyroid function disorder may proceed silent without having any external complaints that could be diagnosed at first as other disease’s symptoms. At the first stage, in order to justify or dispose a presence of a disorder are used 2 kinds of research: hormonal analysis of a blood and ultrasound diagnostics.

If there is a suspicion on a knot of a thyroid, the very first thing to be used is ultrasonography. This method of a research allows to observe different objects with a precision up to two millimetres; to evaluate the blood supply in the organ and surrounding tissues, which is extremely important for an early diagnosis.

When to check up your thyroid?

When you are planning a pregnancy or you are going for IVF program, it is compulsory to exclude such pathology.

The typical symptom of an enlarged thyroid is a feeling of discomfort in a frontal region of a neck, feeling of a “bolus” in a trachea.Enlarged thyroid may be followed by the change of its function and appearing of knots inside it.
In a majority of cases appearing things in a thyroid are of a benign origin and they only do require regular supervision and nothing else. But if they start to enlarge up to 1 cm, then it is needed to make a puncture of them (to take biopsy). 

Knot formations of a thyroid could be “active” meaning that they can produce hormones of a thyroid gland. If knots are secreting hormones in the blood with a higher level than normal - it is called hyperthyroidism. Excess of thyroid hormones may lead to a raised sweat production, feeling of a heartbeat, raised pulse, weight fluctuation, irritancy and menstrual cycle disorder.

During ultrasound research, there are possibilities to find structural disorders of a thyroid recognising malignant formations.

Malfunction of a thyroid as well as a variety of its structural changes requires additional research and correction that is needed to do before planning of a pregnancy as it has been said several times already.

What is included in the program?

“Endocrine diagnostic program” includes a visit to endocrinologist and professional ultrasound diagnostics (takes 20-30 min) of a thyroid and parathyroid glands with the surrounding lymph knots.

In MAMA Clinic you will find professional endocrinologists, who can understand if symptoms you are coming with are a sign of endocrine pathology or not.

In case if you have a problem with a thyroid or parathyroid glands, then our doctors will come up with an optimal strategy of your treatment and if needed – will make corrections on its way.
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