What is the cost of IVF?

There is no one single answer on how much does IVF costs. Simply because of a fact that a lot depends on the diagnosis itself. That is why it is sometimes so much surprising, when some clinics are giving quite particular numbers. It remarkably important to take into account that during the treatment there could have been revealed quite specific problems, because of which the cost will rise. Out of which modern reproduction technologies the actual treatment of infertility is combined?

1. Observation

The full observation including ultrasound investigation procedure, blood tests for different variety of infections, semen analysis and level of hormones – all of these usually costs not less than 450 Euro. However, the biggest part of analyses you can always make for free by taking a paper in hospital. In MAMA Clinic we accept lab tests from different laboratories. There are two reasons behind the need to come through so many tests. First of all, this is highly recommended by World Health Organisation. Secondly, this is the optimal choice for disclosure of all possible causes of serious complications during the pregnancy. After going through all these tests the diagnosis is being made with following recommendations on the treatment, which can be really different. It can be different by means of drugs that a man should intake with a following fertilisation by natural process; or by microbiopsy of a testis and IVF.


2. In Vitro Fertilisation

The cost of IVF together with needed drugs in MAMA Clinic depends on the age of a woman. The more mature woman is, the more drugs are required and more complicated gynaecologic diseases for her. 
The drugs that she needs to intake cost approximately around 670 Euro even in more difficult cases; the cost of IVF itself without these drugs will be around 1700 Euro, but the cost can always be lowered.
The repeated IVF procedure usually costs less, because after the first trial there will always be left freezed embryos (cryopreservation of embryos costs 200 Euro). Hence, the repeated IVF will have a half of a price left just because of that. It is so because there will be no need to make a superovulation stimulation procedure and puncture of testes. All of this leads to lower cost. While planning your money you have to take into account that after a failed try of IVF, woman has to go through additional research in order to understand why it happened so. 

3. Getting spermatozoids when sperm is of a bad quality

If the reason of a failed pregnancy is a men’s factor, then the help from clinic can be quite different. For example, we are proceeding with ISCI – the presentation of a spermatozoid to the oocyte with followed injection inside (for example, this is needed in case of an asthenozoospermia, which is the low motility of sperm cells). In a very complicated case when there are no spermatozoids in sperm (it is called azoospermia), it is usually recommended to make a microbiopsy of a testis with a special method – micro-TESE. This is an operation, which is being done under the local anaesthesia. During this operation surgeon-andrologist inspects whole testis and then embryologist immediately searches for spermatozoids under the microscopy. As a result, a man will be a biological father to his child for sure. The whole operation with transportation and staying at the in-patient facility will cost approximately 1500 Euro. If it is being done for a purpose of understanding if there is any possibility to get spermatozoids, then after successful operation they are being freezed (cryopreservation will cost approx. 150 Euro) and then they are being used for oocyte fertilisation of a wife.

In a different case, a woman goes through a preparation for embryo transfer, and when oocytes are being taken away from her, a man gets an operation. In that kind of case additionally to the cost of IVF, it is needed to add a price of micro-TESE. Moreover, the possibility of donor sperm usage is being discussed with a couple before, if it is going to be found out that there are no spermatozoids at all in a sperm. If couple doesn’t agree with donor’s sperm usage then oocytes are being freezed (200 Euro).
In all these cases, if spermatozoids couldn’t be found then a part of money given for operation is being returned – money payed for analysis and processing of spermatozoids.

4. Donor program

IVF program with donor oocytes uses both freezed oocytes and fresh ones after synchronizing of menstrual cycles with a donor. 
After going through a treatment in MAMA Clinic you can get all needed documents in order to make a social tax free of 13% from a full price of “expensive” treatment by IVF method. It means that from an average protocol with drugs (2500 Euro) you will get back around 325 Euro. In case of a complicated infertility with genetic diagnostics – over 670 Euro.
In order to get information about prices of preimplantation genetic diagnostics (to choose the best embryo), ICSI etc. you can proceed to a specific section on the website

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