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24 november
MAMA Clinic participates in the huge project «Clinic of the year 2016»!

MAMA Clinic takes part in the project of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" - "Clinic of the year 2016"! The purpose of this project is, according to the organizers, to assist you in navigating and choosing the health care institutions: "Straight for 5 months, listeners of our radio and readers of our newspapers "Komsomolskaya Pravda" will be able to choose the medical institutions, which (they believe) are worthy to wear the title of "Clinic of the Year" in the Moscow region." The winners will be named by a direct voting system.

31 july
You will always get a professional help here
I would love to express a great gratitude and my sympathy to a whole team of MAMA clinic! For the attentiveness, responsiveness and careful attitude.
Being here on the treatment you feel yourself safe and that you are going to be always helped without being left alone with your fears, questions and so on. But mostly important that made me sure and calm – it is high quality and professionalism of the whole staff, because of which the long-awaited result has been achieved.
Personal thanks goes to my doctors – Lubimkina Elena and Sukhacheva Tatiana!
Thank you so much for your hard work!
17 august
Next year I wish to have one more baby! God will decide whom to give!
Tatiana and her daughter came to MAMA Clinic in order to visit their doctor.
Tatiana knew that the IVF was her only chance to give a birth. The tough and long way has been awaiting for her in order to born her daughter. And right now she wants one more baby already.
Choosing a clinic
My first try in IVF I have made in Croatia and it was unsuccessful. In Russia I have opened a google tab and chose to try MAMA Clinic. In the beginning and mid 2000’s there was not that much information about IVF and centres where it would be possible to make it were also not as many. I have made few consultations and finally booked a visit for myself there.
About your doctor
The best gynaecologists I have ever faced with were males. That’s why it was important for that in MAMA Clinic my doctor was a man and I am sincerely grateful to him. He was supporting me all the time. It was very nice from him since I finally got pregnant only from 6th try. First pregnancy I needed to abort at 21st week, unfortunately. It was incredibly tough for me of course. There is nothing else to say about it…