Elena failed at her first IVF attempt but carried on to finally give birth to a healthy baby boy Daniil

Official studies show that there is no significant relationship between IVF outcome and psychological stress. However, we here in MAMA Clinic often see that for patients undergoing IVF procedures it is problematic to face possible failure on their way to successful conception and childbirth. Elena failed at her first IVF attempt but carried on to finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy Daniil, who is now 15 months old.

I simply have to start by saying you look utterly happy!

That’s because I am! (laughing) You see, things have changed so much. I am holding this child in my arms right now, he is a healthy boy and he is my son. This means the world to me. We’ve come a long way for this, and nothing could make my husband and me happier.

Why you decided to undergo IVF in the first place?

We had got married ten years ago and wanted a child ever since then. After a while we realized it wouldn’t work without professional assistance and considered the possibility of IVF. Once we settled on that, I had to find the right clinic, one that would meet our expectations with regard to medical staff experience and care.

You chose MAMA Clinic in Moscow, what were your arguments?

I have to say I am a very thorough person when it comes to my family’s health, or any other issues. So I did quite a research. In the end, I knew there were two factors to rely on: objective statistics showing some figures such as level of performance, and, on the other hand, personal contact with the doctor, which I consider crucial in the matter, for both your mind and body are involved in the process. Once I was through with the numbers, I made a short list of two or three specialized ART clinics in Russia; then I mentioned it to my friends, one of whom had known MAMA Clinic through her own experience, and she introduced me to her doctor. It proved to be a perfect choice in every way!

Did the treatment process go exactly the way you expected?

Pretty much, yes… I had been well informed beforehand and learned some more when I met my doctor at our first session in MAMA Clinic. I was more or less prepared for anything. And yet, at times I felt a kind of disgust, if not despair. I remember the moment I learned my first IVF attempt had failed. We had been trying to have a child for all these years and suddenly I felt prostration, self-pity and even anger. I thought like I didn’t deserve this. Thanks to my husband, who found the right words to bring me back to senses helped me find the strength and the will to carry on. I am very grateful to him. Not sure we’d have what we have now if he hadn’t.

What was it like then to expect results of the pregnancy test after you had done it all over again?

Excitement and fear all at once. Anyway, the anxiety inside me was somehow positive, or I may be imagining that now for I know that things worked out well! I took the instant test and it was positive, yet not reliable enough to celebrate. I remember my waiting for the blood test that kept me up and on my feet. And then it came positive, too. At last, we did it. And I felt relieved.

What about your pregnancy? Did you go through easily?

No, it was anything but “easy”. I had all the possible side effects like nausea, constant heartburn and swelling. But I managed. We managed. And now I hardly ever think of how challenging or torturous it was, because what came after took hold of us and didn’t let us go. Now we are where we always wanted to be, that is, by our son’s bed. We went a long way for it and we know how to cherish every moment of our parenthood.

Are you going to tell your son the story of his birth?

Absolutely! Just give him some time to grow up and he’ll be able to comprehend. When he is ten or so, we are going to take him to MAMA Clinic and have him meet our wonderful doctor Victoria Zaletova!

What would you say to all those women who are considering IVF?

I’ve been around long enough and yes… actually I should spread the word. Go for it. And here are a few things that might help. Firstly, do not give up. As long as there is any chance that IVF will work for you, keep trying, though it will definitely take time and patience. Secondly, be very careful while picking out your clinic and your personal doctor. You need to trust them fully to succeed. One more thing. Remember, IT IS WORTH IT. Take my word for it. 

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