I would have never make it through without Tatiana Suckhacheva

Throughout 2 years of unprotected sex I couldn’t get pregnant. We decided to clear out what was the reason for that and we started by making spermogram – and here it was!

Problems were with motility and the number of spermatozoa. Of course when we were just told that the only possible solution for us is IVF, I cried for a while, but then I got myself together – do IVF. The choice somehow has been done for MAMA Clinic: it is being highly positive commented on the internet. I have read lots of reviews about Tatiana Sukhacheva and decided that I should go straight to her!


We were preparing for IVF for a half of the year – healing men’s factor. Of course, we wanted it to be done faster, but we were still patient getting ready for a serious thing that we knew will happen soon.


After embryos transfer I have been already doing tests for pregnancy after 4 days. I couldn’t make myself to wait for 2 recommended weeks. During first protocol it was really tough since no positive response has been shown. It was difficult mentally, so I got lots of help and support from my husband, parents and few close friends; things like shopping haven’t helped at all. I was hoping a lot for a second protocol, which was going to be done soon. For over 3 months straight I was preparing, hoping and waiting. I got a second group of embryos transferred and 5 days after I have started to get positive results. My smile has been widening with each day. That was something.


Pregnancy itself was going not as easy I would like it be. There was really bad case of toxicosis and professional help of Tatiana has been needed not only in the first trimester, but throughout the whole pregnancy. As a result, after caesarean section I and my husband became parents.

After going through all this way I can say for sure that if you cannot get pregnant from the first try, you have to go straight to the reproduction clinic without sitting on forums searching for an answer. There they are always recommending things that were used by our ancestors and those who have no idea about IVF are usually just trying to pass this topic. It is really necessary to find a high quality doctor, who will be not just a good specialist, but who will be able to support you mentally and in the case of a failed try as well. Without Tatiana Sukhacheva I would have never make it through. 

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