Thank you for this tiny happiness that sleeps now in our bed

Good day, dear Tatiana Sukhacheva. Thank you for that little happiness that now sleeps in our bed; for our tiny son. RIght now he is 1 year and 4 months old. And he has been born with help of IVF program which has been done by MAMA Clinic.

Thank you very much that you have supported, helped and understood us. Right now our baby is growing up and makes us happy every minute. Yes, there were lots of tears, doubts, but we still  have made it through and all of that has been fully rewarded by our tiny sun. Though he has been born really small and slighly earlier than expected, we have got him and this is your regard. Tatiana, we are sincerely grateful to the whole team of MAMA Clinic, for you really touching attitiude, professionalism and your responsibitly for your work. And as I promised to you I am sending you the photos of our baby.  Right he is running around already and tries to pronounce different phrases and he also loves to swim, especially in a river.

We are really really happy that we asked for a help in MAMA Clinic and that our God have sent exactly you in order to help us.

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