We have found a nice clinic - MAMA

Ekaterina, her husband and her kids – Anton and Masha have visited their doctor Tatiana Sukhacheva. Quite soon this happy family is going to get one more healthy baby!
- Tell us please how did you become a mother?
- I became a mother quite early – in 17 years. I have an elder son. And then I got engaged second time. We have started thinking about children from the very beginning. We were having a long unsuccessful treatment and then we have found a nice clinic –MAMA. And there it happened from the very first try.
I got my fallopian tubes removed, and there was no other option possible.
- How were choosing IVF clinic?
- We were looking at different clinics, but first of all MAMA was quite close to the place where I lived. But most important thing that I liked when I first asked for a help there – service. And doctor was very nice as well! She immediately got my trust and that’s exactly why I am going to her next time.
-  How were your relations with a doctor?
- Perfect! Tatiana Sukhacheva… I had a feeling that was her own daughter at some point. She will always understand you and support you! She is a perfect doctor inn all terms, so good! I got a feeling that it wasn’t me who was helping a child, but a doctor was helping me. )
- How was your pregnancy going?
- My pregnancy was tough one, because there were twins. My twins were born at 34th week. Quite big – a boy was 2400, while a girl was 1960 grams. Right now they are attending kindergarten, learning, they know some poetry. Girl reads already in her 4,5 years. Boy also knows lots of poems and he sings. And we want even more children!
- How your life has changed when Anton and Masha appeared?
- It change very much. It happened so because immediately so much things were needed to be done that I even felt myself younger. Because children always get the most positive emotions out of you! Maybe at first it was tough a bit, but then – amazing! If it was other way around we would not think of getting one more now!
- What exactly gets you so excited about babies?
- Their open-mindness and activeness! They are very curious, they are interested in everything! It is so pleasurable to communicate with them.
 - How do you think – do IVF-kids are different from the other?
- I don’t think so. But in some areas they are better. I think they are more powerful, tough, wishing to be alive. Because even in a first years of their lives they were really active, ate a lot and developed fast. And now they are so smart and we are so proud of them!
- What are your wishes to the future mothers – patients of our clinic?
- Find your doctor! This is so much important that I couldn’t even imagine! I got lucky with Tatiana! And for sure not to give up! Your baby is going to be born, just give it some time to happen.
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