You will for sure get a baby in MAMA Clinic!

Little Olga with mother Elena are having a visit to Tatiana Sukhacheva.
Elena has shared a story of her happiness.
- Elena please tell us what was your root on the way to IVF?
- I have started thinking about the motherhood quite early – in the age of 20. But I couldn’t get pregnant anyhow. Everything started from the point when I got a cold, there was an inflammation of the appendages. I haven’t really fully treated it and I got adhesions in the fallopian tubes. And it was ongoing for a long time more: different treatments, there was a laparoscopy and other things. As a result, we decided that we need to go for IVF program. Why should we wait more?!
- Did you decide on IVF by yourself or you were advised in vitro fertilisation by obstetrician-gynaecologist?
- At first, we decided by ourselves. During more than 4 years we couldn’t decide, but then understood that we need it.
- You were having doubts during such a long period. What exactly was stopping you from getting IVF?
- We were afraid the most of the fact that it is not going to work for us. At first I had doubts that I will be able to get pregnant. But then after the second try I understood that I want to go until the end in this program.
- How you were choosing IVF clinic?
- I was searching for the information on the internet and MAMA Clinic looked very nicely.
- How were your relations with a treating doctor – Tatiana Sukhacheva?
- Very good! I liked her from the very beginning and she seemed to be a person whom I can trust to. I know all doctors in MAMA Clinic more or less and all of them are very nice specialists. Sometimes it happens so that you just don’t like doctor basing on his character or appearance, but in your clinic there was no one like that. Choosing a doctor is just a half of the deal, and Tatiana is a perfect specialist!
-  Your pregnancy didn’t happen from the first try. Who supported you the most?
- My husband, family, my mother. There are no secrets in my family including a fact that my daughter is born as result from IVF.
- How was your pregnancy going on?
- Until the very last trimester it was okay, but after that I need to come to the hospital for staying there. Health of a child was my privilege, so I have spent all the remaining time until the birth in a hospital.
- How did your life have changed after your daughter was born?
- I don’t even know how we lived without her before! Sure, to the better side! We are extremely happy that we have her now! I cannot even imagine how is it to live without kids. It is quite early to speak about second child since our first baby is now only 1 years old and I got caesarean. But we won’t exclude a possibility that we will have one more baby.
- Wish something for future mothers – patients of our clinic.
- The main thing is not to give up! And believe that everything will happen. It is solely important to believe that and wait for your happiness to come true! And it will definitely happen!
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