Next year I wish to have one more baby! God will decide whom to give!

Tatiana and her daughter came to MAMA Clinic in order to visit their doctor.
Tatiana knew that the IVF was her only chance to give a birth. The tough and long way has been awaiting for her in order to born her daughter. And right now she wants one more baby already.
Choosing a clinic
My first try in IVF I have made in Croatia and it was unsuccessful. In Russia I have opened a google tab and chose to try MAMA Clinic. In the beginning and mid 2000’s there was not that much information about IVF and centres where it would be possible to make it were also not as many. I have made few consultations and finally booked a visit for myself there.
About your doctor
The best gynaecologists I have ever faced with were males. That’s why it was important for that in MAMA Clinic my doctor was a man and I am sincerely grateful to him. He was supporting me all the time. It was very nice from him since I finally got pregnant only from 6th try. First pregnancy I needed to abort at 21st week, unfortunately. It was incredibly tough for me of course. There is nothing else to say about it…
About people who supported me
My main supporter was my mother throughout these 10 years when I was trying to get pregnant. She has always been on my side. My doctor also supported me a lot and said that everything will be fine. However, when I had my second try failed and I was lying in my bed, there was lying a woman next to me who got pregnant only from 5th try. At that point I thought I just won’t live so long that I will get to the 5th try or so. But in the end of all, I made it only from 6th try! At some point I just have told to myself that I will become a mother for sure! And it doesn’t matter from which try. There is only hope that truly matters and good specialists surround you all the time.
About pregnancy and consultations
My first pregnancy was very difficult. And I didn’t really knew whom to ask for help. In a woman’s consulting centres they were saying to me that I am not pregnant and I just have an “IVF diagnosis”, whatever it meant. I got so scared since doctors didn’t know what to do with me, which drugs to give me and how to properly look after me. It was all because IVF was completely strange, new and alien method for them back then. And that’s why it ended up so badly.
When I was pregnant with Maria, doctor advised me a specialist that would nicely direct and look after my pregnancy. And I am so grateful for that!
There were no any problems with this specialist and now I will go for a second pregnancy guided by these doctors again and then go to the same hospital as well.
I think it is extremely important not to give up on pregnant women without any support and help. It is very difficult to find a nice doctor alone without any professional advice. It is the best case when the fertility specialist advises one since he knows someone for sure. Thanks a lot to MAMA Clinic’s doctors who thought about that.
I wish to all women to get pregnant from a first try! And if it didn’t go successfully – not to give up! It will for sure be done and you will become a happy mother (if I got pregnant then you will for sure be)!
And I wish to live and prosper to MAMA Clinic! Grow big and help us, women!
MAMA makes up a very nice impression and I will recommend you to everyone I know who are having problems with getting pregnant. And one of my friends got her pregnancy form a first try already!
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