Elena failed at her first IVF attempt but carried on to finally give birth to a healthy baby boy Daniil
Although official studies show that there is no significant correlation between IVF outcome and psychological stress, we here in MAMA CLINC often see that our patients undergoing IVF procedures find it problematic to face possible failures along the way to successful fertilization and childbirth.
I knew I wasn't gonna give up on having a baby. And I started studying my IVF options.

MAMA Clinic former patient tells us the story of how she first discovered IVF and the way it changed her life. She is now a happy mother of two healthy babies – a boy and a girl, and she believes that sharing her experiences is important for those who are facing the same infertility problem.

I would have never make it through without Tatiana Suckhacheva

Throughout 2 years of unprotected sex I couldn’t get pregnant. We decided to clear out what was the reason for that and we started by making spermogram – and here it was!

Problems were with motility and the number of spermatozoa. Of course when we were just told that the only possible solution for us is IVF, I cried for a while, but then I got myself together – do IVF. The choice somehow has been done for MAMA Clinic: it is being highly positive commented on the internet. I have read lots of reviews about Tatiana Sukhacheva and decided that I should go straight to her!

Thank you for this tiny happiness that sleeps now in our bed

Good day, dear Tatiana Sukhacheva. Thank you for that little happiness that now sleeps in our bed; for our tiny son. RIght now he is 1 year and 4 months old. And he has been born with help of IVF program which has been done by MAMA Clinic.

Thank you very much that you have supported, helped and understood us. Right now our baby is growing up and makes us happy every minute. Yes, there were lots of tears, doubts, but we still  have made it through and all of that has been fully rewarded by our tiny sun. Though he has been born really small and slighly earlier than expected, we have got him and this is your regard. Tatiana, we are sincerely grateful to the whole team of MAMA Clinic, for you really touching attitiude, professionalism and your responsibitly for your work. And as I promised to you I am sending you the photos of our baby.  Right he is running around already and tries to pronounce different phrases and he also loves to swim, especially in a river.

We are really really happy that we asked for a help in MAMA Clinic and that our God have sent exactly you in order to help us.

Few more fresh photos

We are sending you few more fresh photos, so you could have a look how big our daughter has grown!!! We are just so happy that we have her, and this has happened with help of MAMA Clinic and in a first place – with help of clinic’s specialists.

But didn’t stop at the achieved point)): 29th of May 2013 we got new addition to our family. We have now a little son and a brother Alexey!!! However he is not that small since he was born as 4,050 kg, 54 cm.

And now we are four: daddy Misha, mommy Julia, daughter Nastia (elder sister now) and son Alexey!!!


Thanks so much to your whole team and your work, for your help and for everything you are doing!!!

We wish you to have a further success and for you patients to have their long-awaited kids!!!

Personal gratitude and the best wishes are going to all doctors of the clinic!!!

And we will grow up now bigger and bigger and then after a while we will come to visit you as all 4 people.

Best regards,

Our happy family

You will for sure get a baby in MAMA Clinic!
Little Olga with mother Elena are having a visit to Tatiana Sukhacheva.
Elena has shared a story of her happiness.
We have found a nice clinic - MAMA
Ekaterina, her husband and her kids – Anton and Masha have visited their doctor Tatiana Sukhacheva. Quite soon this happy family is going to get one more healthy baby!
Saying hello from Germany
Good day, Victoria Zaletova!

We are saying hello to you from Germany, Dusseldorf, from Max and Christy, mother Alina and father Edward. Kids will already start going to school. They have grown up a lot of course, but a competition “for everything” still continues.
Moreover, the characters of our tiny scorpions are not that easy, so our grandparents are having quite enough from them.

Just saw a website of your clinic and I see it got much better and you grow bigger as well. It is so nice that now a lot more parents will be as lucky as we were.
I decided to tell you about few puns that our kids did, which I usually always write down:
For example: Christy is looking how Max is peeing and asks him “Why you are peeing while being up on your feet? So strange!” - And Max immediately responds – “that’s simple! You are peeing with your butt while I am doing it with my stick”. Excuse me for a direct quote. Then another one: “My tongue has been burned up completely mom!!!” – yelling and laughing at the same time.
So to say, you will never be bored with them. I am sending you few photos as well. If you will have some spare time, then write back. We will patiently wait.
Wishing you luck, good health and all the best you can get.

Next year I wish to have one more baby! God will decide whom to give!
Tatiana and her daughter came to MAMA Clinic in order to visit their doctor.
Tatiana knew that the IVF was her only chance to give a birth. The tough and long way has been awaiting for her in order to born her daughter. And right now she wants one more baby already.
Choosing a clinic
My first try in IVF I have made in Croatia and it was unsuccessful. In Russia I have opened a google tab and chose to try MAMA Clinic. In the beginning and mid 2000’s there was not that much information about IVF and centres where it would be possible to make it were also not as many. I have made few consultations and finally booked a visit for myself there.
About your doctor
The best gynaecologists I have ever faced with were males. That’s why it was important for that in MAMA Clinic my doctor was a man and I am sincerely grateful to him. He was supporting me all the time. It was very nice from him since I finally got pregnant only from 6th try. First pregnancy I needed to abort at 21st week, unfortunately. It was incredibly tough for me of course. There is nothing else to say about it…