24 November
MAMA Clinic participates in the huge project «Clinic of the year 2016»!

MAMA Clinic takes part in the project of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" - "Clinic of the year 2016"! The purpose of this project is, according to the organizers, to assist you in navigating and choosing the health care institutions: "Straight for 5 months, listeners of our radio and readers of our newspapers "Komsomolskaya Pravda" will be able to choose the medical institutions, which (they believe) are worthy to wear the title of "Clinic of the Year" in the Moscow region." The winners will be named by a direct voting system.

5 August
Scientific report of MAMA Clinic has been accepted as a part of a program at Baltimor’s international conference
Specialist of MAMA Clinic will take part at the work of a biggest international forum in reproductive medicine area – ASRM. Scientific report, which has been included into a conference program, is analysing the newest experience of MAMA Clinic. This experience is referred to an androgen priming technique usage. Results of the research named “Efficiency of a treatment using testosterone containing drugs while going through IVF program for a woman with a poor response of the ovaries” will be presented at 20th of October as a part of “Female reproductive endocrinology”.
24 July
MAMA Clinic took part at The Fertility Show exhibition in London
Every year British charity organisation Infertility Network UK invites leading clinics in fertility area from all around the world. This exhibition is made for people who have faced with such problem as infertility and there they can come and ask questions they are interested about and get professional recommendations with answers. The only clinic that is being invited 3rd year in the row from Russia is MAMA Clinic. How did this exhibition go and why our clinic is being especially appreciated by British professionals?
4 December
The experts of Center for Reproductive Medicine MAMA have been recently recognized for achievements in the field of embryology, with their findings being published in one of the top scientific journals in the world
In September 2014, PLoS ONE, an internationally recognized scientific journal published our article, named Biopsy of Human Morula-Stage Embryos: Outcome of 215 IVF/ICSI Cycles with PGS» (Elena E. Zakharova, Victoria V. Zaletova, Alexander S. Krivokharchenko),which reports the successful biopsy on day 4 of embryonic development.
13 May
Fertility Show 2013 workshop «Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PDG). 3d decade of PGD development: The modern overview of current issues, tendencies and future perspective» by Dr. Elena Zakharova, MAMA Clinic
When speaking about the PGD features, the main topics for discussion are traditionally these two: preferable timing for screening and the definition of the most effective method for molecular-genetic analysis.
21 August
European inspection of quality of the services ISO 9001:2008 (audit of 2013)
Audit report

about application of auxiliary reproductive technologies

for the organization of work of clinic according to standards

ISO 9001:2008

and embryological office according to standards

ISO 15189:2007
28 May
Russian Health Ministry expresses great expectation for Assisted Reproductive Technologies in trying to solve the issue of declining birth rate

During the press conference last week Victoria Skvortsova, head of Russian Health Ministry, announced that the population growth estimate is quite pessimistic for Russia next year. However, Assisted Reproductive Technologies and especially In Vitro Fertilization, are expected to help solve this problem.