The experts of Center for Reproductive Medicine MAMA have been recently recognized for achievements in the field of embryology, with their findings being published in one of the top scientific journals in the world

4 December 2014

What is our discovery?

It is the first time in 24-year history of Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) that morula-stage biopsy was performed on day 4 of human embryo development in vitro.

Biopsy on Day 4 of embryo development is considered to be impossible because cells are closely compacted and adhesive to other cells, which makes them extremely vulnerable. For this reason, preimplantation genetic diagnosis is commonly performed on biopsies obtained on day 3, or alternatively, on day 5 after fertilization. Both approaches have benefits and drawbacks. Center for Reproductive Medicine МАМА has developed a safe method of morula-stage biopsy, which helps to overcome a lot of disadvantages of biopsy on day 3 or 5, and, at the same time, combines advantages of both methods.
  • A number of cells obtained on day 4 are comparable to those obtained on day 5, which provides more accurate results;
  • Cellular material can be used for any method of genetic diagnosis, or any combination of them;
  • There is enough time after biopsy to obtain PGD results for embryo transfer in the current IVF cycle. Therefore, there is no need to cryopreserve embryos for their transfer to the uterus in the next cycle; 
  • The suggested method is safe, and day 4 biopsy does not affect embryo development in vitro, or the health of new-borns.
We hope that the method, developed in Center for Reproductive Medicine МАМА, would help to make a lot of couples happy all over the world.