MAMA Clinic took part at The Fertility Show exhibition in London

24 July 2015

Every year British charity organisation Infertility Network UK invites leading clinics in fertility area from all around the world. This exhibition is made for people who have faced with such problem as infertility and there they can come and ask questions they are interested about and get professional recommendations with answers. The only clinic that is being invited 3rd year in the row from Russia is MAMA Clinic. How did this exhibition go and why our clinic is being especially appreciated by British professionals?
At the exhibition there were present 100 participants and more than 3500 people from all around London came there to understand what could raise their chances on to getting pregnant; and how to understand if you have problems with fertility in general; what should be done if throughout several years it seems impossible to get pregnant even with the help of IVF etc. In order to answer all these questions MAMA Clinic directed to London the chief medical officer Victoria Zaletova and senior department assistant Tatiana Sukhacheva.
What is so unique that we could suggest to British patients in order to get their attention and interest? And why we are getting invites over and over again to The Fertility Show? The key answer is frequency of pregnancy onset percentage in our clinic, which is considered to be higher than the European average — 44,3%. This could be easily explained by the fact that we are paying extreme attention to the modern equipment and techniques that we are introducing to our practice. For example, androgen priming (testosterone usage) that we are using for more than a year right now, it makes higher the efficiency of IVF after 35 years and in case of ovarian resection. We also do have a use of patented scientific inventions. EVA-System is one of such scientific examples, which is an environment used to raise the viability of the embryos. In MAMA Clinic you will meet a truly professional team that fights the most complicated cases of infertility. As an example, men with azoospermia (absence of spermatozoids in a sperm ejaculate) frequently being suggested to stop trying to get their biologically own child and try to use the donor’s program. But our specialists in MAMA Clinic have a certificate to make a micro-TESE operation, which is a surgical operation. During it the doctor makes a cut at the testis and starts to search for spermatozoa under the microscopy. Such operation raises chances for a success up to 20-30%.
Fairly not every clinic can say that it has such arsenal. In order to get such it is needed to put in a lot of inner power, money, and specialist’s education and also into scientific work. Fortunately, we do understand that only because of all this work our patients will have the biggest chances on getting their own baby.
That is why when you are coming to MAMA Clinic, you can be absolutely sure that you will be surrounded by the team of true specialists that are having all the possibilities in order to help you with your infertility problem.