Scientific report of MAMA Clinic has been accepted as a part of a program at Baltimor’s international conference

5 August 2015


Specialist of MAMA Clinic will take part at the work of a biggest international forum in reproductive medicine area – ASRM. Scientific report, which has been included into a conference program, is analysing the newest experience of MAMA Clinic. This experience is referred to an androgen priming technique usage. Results of the research named “Efficiency of a treatment using testosterone containing drugs while going through IVF program for a woman with a poor response of the ovaries” will be presented at 20th of October as a part of “Female reproductive endocrinology”.
Androgen priming is a treatment, which is being suggested to the patients in case of a so called “poor responsivity of the ovaries” condition. The key point of this method is hidden in a raising level of a male’s sex hormones. This in turn affects the maturation onset of follicles. In case if at the very peak of a fertility in the woman’s organism we can observe a relatively high level of a male’s sex hormones, then after 35 years old (could be earlier) there usually can be noticed a gradual drop in the functional activity of the ovaries. Follicles may mature less sufficiently, oocytes frequently exiting ovaries in not mature state. Additionally to that, a decrease if the ovarian reserve could be observed in a women, who had a surgical deletion of an ovarian part (resection of the ovary).  As a result – critically minimal number of the oocytes that are lowering the efficiency of the IVF program. However, a new therapy – androgen priming – gives a chance to the patients with such complicated diagnosis and additional chance.
Treatment with the usage of a testosterone containing drugs is raising levels of a male sex hormones in the organism of a woman. This enhances the number and the quality of the oocytes, as well as the IVF program process with the following outcome. This is relatively new kind of a treatment and the results of this method has been showing up recently. The data being published allows to speak about the productivity and perceptivity of its usage. Specialists of MAMA Clinic are ones of those who are being in the first rows using androgen priming successively and are publishing the results of a clinical therapy.
In the March of this year in San-Diego, endocrinologist of a MAMA Clinic George Mskhalaya presented a scientific report about androgen priming, in which has been analysed the number of a pregnancy onsets in the patients that have been treated with this method. Newest research also shows data about the number of a born children. Those numbers are - 3 times more pregnancies and 2 times more deliveries – those are the results that are going to be presented by MAMA Clinic at ARSM.