31 July
You will always get a professional help here
I would love to express a great gratitude and my sympathy to a whole team of MAMA clinic! For the attentiveness, responsiveness and careful attitude.
Being here on the treatment you feel yourself safe and that you are going to be always helped without being left alone with your fears, questions and so on. But mostly important that made me sure and calm – it is high quality and professionalism of the whole staff, because of which the long-awaited result has been achieved.
Personal thanks goes to my doctors – Lubimkina Elena and Sukhacheva Tatiana!
Thank you so much for your hard work!
31 July
After 4 years of tears...
After 4 years of constant tears and despair, me and my husband decided to go for IVF. Choice has been done for MAMA. And the luck cam with a very first try!!!!
Thank you all and personally to Lumimkina Elena with Sukhacheva Tatiana.
Andrew and Nataly
30 July
Our gratitude
We would like to express our gratitude to few doctors – Sukhacheva Tatiana, Mskhalaya George and to the all team of clinic as well. Also, I would like to mention the high professionalism of all doctors here. Thank you a lot for making our dream come true!!!
30 July
Great clinic
I would like to say thank you to MAMA Clinic for making me pregnant!!!
Doctor Kikina Julia is a very nice specialist. Great attitude of a staff to the patients, welcoming atmosphere all-round is in this great clinic!!!
29 July
Giving a hope
Thanks so much to Kikina Julia and to the all team of MAMA Clinic!
I am so much happy. You are giving a hope. You are making dreams come true :)
Julia is an amazing specialist and just a very kind and attentive person. I would really like to recommend this clinic!
29 July
Twins from the first try
Thanks a lot to Sukhacheva Tatiana!
And to the whole team of MAMA Clinic!
I am deeply grateful to this nice doctor.
Thanks to her for a gifted dream to have a baby and not just one, but even twins from the very first try! Me and my husband are so happy that we got her!
We are wishing you all the best!
Thanks to the MAMA Clinic and to the respectful personal. I am more than satisfied with it and ofcourse by our doctor.
22 July
Dream came true
Thanks a lot to Samoilova Nataly and to the whole staff of a MAMA Clinic for a dreaming coming true.
For such professionalism, nice attitude, understanding.
We would like to express our gratitude to Nataly for her touchy attentiveness, for moral support, for helping us on time in all arising questions.

22 July
Waving tiny hand
All good and light things are happening here!
Because of Sukhacheva Tatiana we are waiting already second baby!
Four years ago we thought that everything is difficult and at some point there is no light is coming through for us, but when you finally see on ultrasound that someone waves his tiny hand to you.. All worries are stepping back.
Now there is no even a single thought to call some periods difficult or so – everything has been fulfilled!
And for such truly light and soft feelings I would like to say thanks to everyone who is working here. To the whole team – exactly team, because only a truly professional and supportive teamwork can achieve such amazing results. And these are not some illusive numbers, but real children!
Thanks to everyone of you for that saint work that you are bringing to this world; for that happiness you are gifting to people!

Stas and Katy,
And little Sasha,
And someone who doesn’t a have a name yet..
21 July
There were doubts...
Exactly 6 months ago I came to MAMA Clinic with hope to become a mother.
There were doubt, concerns, fear of disappointment, because statistics has somewhere around 30% of successful rate of IVF.
Today after half of a year I can finally happily say with a huge feeling of gratitude that we got into these successful 30%!!!
I am sure that this would has happened only because of kind fairies – Lubimkina Elena and Sukhacheva Tatiana.
Everything I could say or write, unfortunately, won’t express all my feelings when 2 stripes appeared on the pregnancy test!!!!
P.S. By the way, I have mentioned few times which interesting faces the workers are having in this clinic: inspired, slightly focused and very beautiful! They surely know how the magic happens!
21 July
Hard time saying goodbye to You
I wish to express huge gratitude to MAMA clinic, to all nurses, doctors, administrators!
Surely, personal thanks goes to Kikina Julia! Thanks for her attentiveness, attitude, support!
Because of her I will become a mother! This is such a great happiness about which I have nearly stopped dreaming until I came to your clinic.
And I won’t have enough words for my appreciation! Thank you!
I truly hope that in close future you will have a service as guidance of a pregnancy until the birth, or maybe including actual birth as well. I am sure that many patients are having a hard time saying goodbye to You.
Thank you again!
With best wishes and respect,

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