MAMA Clinic quote for COSMOPOLITAN, May 2013

19 June 2013

Irregular menstrual period – normal course or a reason to worry?

Every month COSMO asks leading Russian medical specialists to consult its readers and publishes their answers. This month’s expert is Victoria Zaletova, Chief Therapist at MAMA Reproduction Clinic, current member of European Society of Human Reproduction and Russian Association of Human Reproduction.

Question: At the age of 30 I’ve been having irregular and discontinuous period: it goes on for 1-2 days, then stops and restarts again a few days later. This is not a one time thing, but has been going on for 2 years now. My gynecologist had nothing to say about this. Should I get checked up, or is this normal?

Victoria Zaletova’s answer: Any deviation from your normal menstrual course is an evidence of some internal disorder. I would recommend to get full check-up run. First things to cause menstrual deviation would be pathology of the thyroid gland, kidney, liver and heart. You should not ignore this and consult your therapist, explaining in detail what the problem is. You will most likely need some correctional treatment, including medications, from endocrinologist and other specialists. Sometimes menstrual irregularities could be caused by blood coagulation disorders or some kind of medications dosage misfit. If you practice fitness training, try to avoid weight lifting for now. And most importantly, try to arrange your work hours so that there is still time for personal life. Having enough rest is essential for your internal female system to function properly.